I have always been fascinated by fabric and stitching. I decided after 20 years that I had had enough of teaching maths for a living and embarked on a four-year City and Guilds diploma in Embroidery and Design. Then a friend invited me to exhibit with her new group and I found I had become a ‘textile artist’.  Since 2000 I have been making my textile art wall pieces and a variety of textile and stitch based jewellery and gifts.

I love travelling and I love re-living my travelling experiences through my stitching. I am fascinated by the colours, patterns and textures of what I see around me. I take lots of photos: not just views, but also little details – blank decaying walls, peeling paint, odd tiles, natural patterns in the sand, ripples on a pond. These become my major source of inspiration and I pore over them before starting to work.

 Then I daub paint onto paper and onto bits of fabric. I print those photos or bits of photos or collages of photos onto matt papers or chiffon or silk. I make large piles of scraps of likely looking fabrics and threads. I’ll cut them up and re-assemble them. I’ll put it all together in layers and stitch on top of it all. In the end, there may not be too much of the original recognisable, but a piece will emerge (or with luck more than one) which conveys for me the mood of the places I have seen on my trips. 

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